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Read SweFinTech's fintech report 2022 - "Swedish fintech is here to stay"

This is the third year SweFinTech publishes a report of the Swedish fintech industry. As in previous years, this year's report will give an up-to-date picture of the Swedish fintech industry, describe how the industry has developed over the past year and address the various challenges facing Swedish fintech companies.

The Swedish fintech industry continues to grow and as of 2021, it comprises over 500 companies and employs approximately 25 000 people. It is growing and 91 percent of SweFinTech member companies are planning to recruit during 2022. The global investments in fintech companies almost doubled in 2021, and in Sweden investments increased by 72 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. There is still a need for funding, primarily with smaller companies which is visible amongst SweFinTech member companies - 43 percent need to raise capital in 2022. In order to maintain the successful ecosystem that has fostered the Swedish technology miracle, Swedish decision-makers need to improve how capital markets function and create a competitive regulatory environment that functions internationally as well.

Read the full report here:

Download PDF • 46.16MB

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