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Mastercard Lighthouse 2022

Are you a fintech or impacttech startup ready to scale and take the next steps? Are your company ready grow to new markets through partnership – then we have the perfect recommendation for you! One of our partner organizations, @Mastercard Lighthouse is running the biggest Nordic and Baltic Startup Partnership platform for the 4th year in a row and your company now has the opportunity to apply and join the fall 2022 program and follow in the steps of 100+ alumni on a journey of growth together with Mastercard and their partners.

About the program:

Mastercard Lighthouse – it the leading startup and partnership platform in the Nordics & Baltics. Unlike typical accelerators, the Lighthouse platform is free and entirely focused on creating partnerships between promising startups and large organizations. Apply to join one of the three-month programs:

About Lighthouse MASSIV

Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV: a partnership-focused program helping Nordic & Baltic impact tech companies achieve the UN SDGs by finding partnerships and scaling globally. Our goal is to help one billion people live more prosperous and secure by 2025. If your company is scale-ready and you have an interest in using technology for social impact, MASSIV is for you.

More about Lighthouse MASSIV:

About Lighthouse FINITIV

Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV: a partnership program focused on finding the next fintech unicorn. Our goal is to strengthen the financial services ecosystem by pairing the energy and innovation of promising Nordic & Baltic fintechs with the stability and distribution at large banks and Mastercard.

More about Lighthouse FINITIV:

Application deadline: 12th of August 2022

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