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join us and improve the opportunities for the swedish fintech industry

By joining SweFinTech, you will gain access to a large network that consists of eighty Swedish fintech companies. The larger the association becomes, the greater influence we gain which we use in our work to promote the fintech industry and its growth. We act as a bridge between business and politics, and we highlight the interests of the industry.  

interact with others in the industry

We arrange events and meetings for all employees at our member companies with the purpose of sharing knowledge about current industry topics, discussing bills or upcoming regulations, or for the participants to engage in networking. We can also offer discounted prices at both Swedish and international fintech conferences in collaboration with our partners.

the opportunity to influence how swefintech operate

SweFinTech is a member association and decisions such as appointing the board and how we operate are made at our annual meeting which is held in February every year. We are dependent on our member companies engaging in various ways and we have several working groups where interested employees can engage in specific issues that affects their company. Read more about our working groups here.

improve the opportunities for fintech

SweFinTech gathers the fintech industry to become strong voice in society. We highlight and inform about the industry’s challenges and opportunities when interacting with decision makers and authorities. We also respond to consultations, write reports, and invite stakeholders to meet and discuss with our member companies.  

what swefintech can do for you

apply for membership

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In order for us to remain a serious and trustworthy member organization, we require that all new members go through our application process and that all applications are approved by SweFinTech’s board. We are also a non-profit and non-partisan organization, and as such rely on membership fees to be able to carry out our activities. The membership fee is paid annually and is based on the member company’s annual revenue in Sweden. The fee is divided into four levels where the lowest fee is 4,000 SEK per year.

Would you like to join SweFinTech or do you have any questions regarding the application process or membership fee? Apply through the form below or contact us at  

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