Swedish Fintech Association

our working groups

SweFinTech is an organization with our member companies in focus. The companies cover several segments within fintech and in order for us to operate more efficiently, SweFinTech has created different working groups which are related to the different segments or linked to specific issues. The purpose of the groups is to find solutions to common challenges and to create dialogue in different subject areas. All groups have a coordinator and SweFinTech's office is responsible for the dialogue between the groups and the board.

Our working groups

Crowdfunding Alliance

Coordinator: Jonas Björkman - CEO at Tessin

In 2018, the Crowdfunding Alliance was founded as an initiative of SweFinTech. The alliance consists of the companies Tessin and Savelend, and has since its start evolved into an important consultative body in the development of the new law on crowdfunding. While waiting for the new law to come into force, the group presented their own industry practice which enabled them to stay ahead of political decision makers. Its primary task is to respond to consultations and discuss issues relating to crowdfunding with government officials and authorities. 

Coordinator: Carl Brynielsson – CEO at Lendo

The recently founded Consumer Credit Group gathers companies within the consumer credit segment and it includes both creditors and credit intermediaries. The group consists of Lendo, American Express, Qliro, Klarna, Anyfin, Savelend, Paynova, Northmill, Zmarta, Brocc, Lendify, Lunar and Rocker, and works towards promoting a healthy market for players providing consumer credits as well as the consumers. This done through an ongoing dialogue with government officials and through the group working by their own initiatives. 

Crypto and Blockchain Working Group

Coordinator: Michal Gromek – Safello

The group consists of Safello, Trijo and a few other companies within the crypto segment. Due to the new EU legislation, a need to gather the member companies working within crypto was recognized which resulted in the group being founded in the beginning of 2021. The same year, the group participated in a roundtable discussion with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Going forward, the group aims at improving the opportunities for Swedish companies working within the crypto industry, increasing simplicity for the consumer and discussing sustainability. 

Coordinator: Erik Brennerhult - Näktergal

The group is comprised of companies working with mortgages that seeks to improve and simplify the process for when a consumer wishes to transfer it mortgage. Currently, it takes time for a consumer to receive its amortization certificate once it has been requested, making it difficult for them to compare and move the mortgage elsewhere. The group is working towards shortening the time for the certificate to be provided and for it to become fully digitized. 

Arbetsgrupp för AML-frågor

Sammankallande: Helén Danielsson- Savelend

En av SweFinTechs nyaste och populäraste arbetsgrupper är AML-gruppen. Den samlar föreningens jurister för att diskutera hur branschen på bästa sätt kan motarbeta penningtvätt. Gruppen diskuterar AML:s komplexa regelverk i ett workshopformat där de genom erfarenhetsutbyte och gemensamma diskussioner reder ut hur regelverken bör tolkas och efterföljas. 

Arbetsgrupp inom Legal & Compliance

Sammankallande: Johanna Bäck, FCG & Markus Mild, Nasdaq

En arbetsgrupp som diskuterar legal & compliance-frågor ur ett bredare perspektiv. Träffarna har ofta en gästtalare från något av bolagen som berättar om ett specifikt regelverk med efterföljande diskussion.