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About us

we empower swedish fintech

Swedish FinTech Association is an industry association that gathers everything from startups to unicorns with the mission of creating a world leading fintech scene in Sweden. Founded in 2017, SweFinTech have grown into one of the largest fintech associations in Europe and we work towards increasing the understanding of fintech with both decision makers and authorities. our vision is for SweFinTech to remain a relevant voice in society that contributes to Sweden becoming the country with the best opportunities for fintech companies to start, grow and develop in. 

To contribute to the development of the industry, we initiate meetings, contribute with consultation responses, and ensure that we remain an important player in the Swedish fintech ecosystem. We talk to relevant government officials, authorities, and other industry organizations to create an understanding of the fintech industry and its needs. We also create a space for the industry to meet by arranging events that focuses on enhancing knowledge and strengthening the fintech community.

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operating years




arranged events

the board


Mats Persson Bergius

Chairman, SweFinTech 

Jesper Eriksson Klarna_edited.jpg

Jesper Eriksson

Chief of Strategic Financial Planning, Klarna

Markus Mild

Markus MILD

Regulatory Strategist, Nasdaq

Alexander Hirsch_edited.jpg

Alexander Hirsch

Senior Legal Counsel, Tink

Louise Wendel_edited.jpg

Louise wendel

Head of Legal, NFT Ventures

Eleonora Pavliouk


Compliance Officer, Quickbit

Ludwig Pettersson


CEO, Savelend

johanna_3 (6).png


Director, FCG

636a83923c0cf5c1dfe13ced_Oscar Berglund_edited.jpg

Oscar Berglund

Founder, Trustly 

Our employees

Louise Grabo


Secretary General


Görel Wästerlid

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