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Sweden - Taiwan fintech webinar organised by Business Sweden

EXPLORE MARKET OPPORTUNITES AND LANDING RESOURCES FOR ONE OF FAST FINTECH DEVELOPING MARKETS IN AISA Taiwan financial industry is embracing and becoming digital. In its developing trend, strengthen cybersecurity, data integration and analytics, and less financial crimes are the recent implementing needs. The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has been taking a greater role in regulating the different financial segments and launched its ‘FinTech sandbox’ in 2018, which was the 2nd in Asia after Singapore. At the same time, Taiwan boasts a robust and well-entrenched banking sector with high penetration of personal financial services, including credit/debit cards, savings accounts, as well as consumer financing products. Many Taiwanese own multiple bank accounts and credit cards and at the same time. The banking sector is highly competitive, with 38 banks having similar small market shares and the banks are looking for solutions and new service offerings to stay competitive in the market. The Sweden-Taiwan Fintech webinar is organized by Business Sweden and FinTechSpace in Taiwan which will bring policy and Fintech market experts from both sides to share the latest Fintech market and regulatory development and soft-landing resources available for foreign Fintech companies in Sweden and Taiwan.

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