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Fintech day 2023


welcome to the 2023 edition of fintech day!

It is finally time for this year's edition of Fintech Day! Last year's Fintech Day was a huge success with over 150 participants and a packed programme with subjects ranging from financing and the Bank of International Settlements views on digitalisation, to predictions of the next big thing within FinTech. This year we will attempt to match and exceed last year's success by focusing on hot topics for the sector, including Open Finance through the lens of the EU Commission's legislative proposal for Financial Data Access, as well as the hugely debated topic of Artificial Intelligence and its use within FinTech.  

The event will take part on the 8th of November between 1 pm and 5.30 pm at Nasdaq in Stockholm. Panel discussions, debates and keynotes will be interluded with opportunities for networking and the event will end with drinks and snacks, providing an opporunity to mingle further with your fellow fintech colleauges. 

The event is free of charge with members of the Association prioritised for tickets. The tickets will be released on Monday the 4th of September. Make sure to note the dates in your calendar so that you do not miss the most exciting fintech event this Autumn! 

We also have an exciting opportunity for member companies to exhibit during FinTech Day, to an advantageous price. If you are interested in exhibiting during the event, do not hesitate to contact Görel Wästerlid ( 



Programme and speakers

block 1: den politiska agendan för fintech

Finansieringspanel (19).png

Det blir en favorit i repris med en politikpanel även i år, denna gång med tre nya politiker. Janine Alm Ericson är ekonomiskpolitisk talesperson och sitter i finansutskottet för Miljöpartiet. Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist är näringspolitisk talesperson för Centerpartiet (och tidigare ordförande för SweFinTech!). Cecilia Rönn är ekonomiskpolitisk talesperson och ledamot i Skatteutskottet för Liberalerna. Tillsammans kommer de att debattera vilka reformer som krävs för att skapa en fintechbransch i framkant!

Panelen modereras av SweFinTechs generalsekreterare Louise Grabo. 

Investeringsklimatet: spaningar och framtidsutsikter för Fintechbranschen
Fintech day 2022 (22).png

Evelina Anttila är VD på riskkapitalbolaget Wellstreet som investerar i tidiga techbolag. Hon är medgrundare till legal tech-bolaget Justic, rådgivare till AI Sweden, ängelinvesterare och sitter i styrelser. Hon har tidigare varit chefsjurist på AI-bolaget Peltarion och M&A-advokat på Mannheimer Swartling.  

Hon kommer att berätta om investeringsklimatet inom tech idag, sina framtidsspaningar för 2024 och om sina medskick till fintechbolag som söker kapital.

block 2: international outlook

Finansieringspanel (21).png

It's been a year of AI-hype and SweFinTech won't pass on the chance to join the discussion. How will AI affect the FinTech sector? What are the opportunities and what are the risks? 

Anna Felländer is CEO and Founder of Anch.AI and specialises on the effects of digitalisation and AI on organisations, society and the economy.

Raoul Stubbe is a deep-tech advisor at Sting and has recently advised several start-ups with AI as their core business model. 

Martin Elwin is Head of AI, CTO Office at Klarna and will contribute with firsthand experience of applying innovative AI within a FinTech company. 

Programme and speakers

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